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Postal Mail, Telephone, Fax

Our postal mailing address is:

Mountain Lake Services
10 St. Patrick's Place
Port Henry, NY 12974
Phone: 518-546-3381
Fax: 518-546-7138

All correspondence to the above address or phone/fax numbers will be routed to its appropriate destination.

Additional Resources & Phone Numbers

Complaint Resolution

Please review our Complaint Resolution Brochure to learn how to resolve any complaints about our services.

Please read and fill out our Complaint Resolution Form to file a specific complaint about our services.


Please read our Employment page or call Human Resources at 518-546-7721.

Referrals or Eligibility

Please review our Services Eligibility page or call Clinical Services at 518-546-3386.

Additional Office Numbers

Please call these numbers when you know specifically where you want to speak to one of our staff.

  • Administrative Services: 518-546-3381
  • Business Services: 518-546-3051
  • Essex Industries: 518-942-6671
  • Central Region Office: 518-546-9550
  • Northern Region Office: 518-834-1190
  • Southern Region Office: 518-585-6464
  • Western Region Office: 518-946-7477
  • Staff Education & Development: 518-546-7151