Services Offered

Enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities, their families, and our communities.

To fulfill our mission, Mountain Lake Services offers a wide range of supports and services to meet the individualized needs of people with developmental disabilities. For information about how to access our services, please see our Services Eligibility page.

Residential Services

Through Residential Services, individuals receive varying levels of support, depending on their particular needs. Homes are located in such communities as Schroon Lake, Ticonderoga, Port Henry, Elizabethtown, Keeseville, Willsboro and Lake Placid. These homes provide 24-hour oversight to ensure individuals are supported in pursuing their own interests and desires with a focus on personal choice.

For individuals who need less pervasive supports, we offer supported living arrangements. Individuals residing in these apartments lead independent lives and are provided with guidance, based on their individual needs.

Day Services

Day Services are provided at a number of locations throughout the county. Day Services are provided at the Helen F. McDonald Center in Port Henry and the Gerald B. Edwards Center in Keeseville, as well as at several smaller satellite locations throughout the county. Supports at our day sites are built upon a foundation of choice, strengthened by a respect for the individual being supported. A variety of skills are fortified by Day Services: independent living skills, recreational opportunities, prevocational training, and opportunities for community involvement

Charles R. Hayes Essex Industries

Essex Industries is an integrated work center where people with developmental disabilities gain skills needed to work in the community. Essex Industries takes advantage of its location in the heart of the Adirondacks by producing high quality canoe accessories, as well as hand-crafted picnic tables, which can be found in parks throughout the state.

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Services develops employment opportunities within the community for individuals with disabilities. Once these jobs are developed, staff provide varying levels of onsite vocational support.

Home Based Supports and Services

Home and Community Based Supports and Services is dedicated to providing supports to individuals within the community in a variety of ways. The goal is for individuals and families to maintain a level of independence, while ensuring an improved quality of life.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services provides both direct services and reimbursement services to families of individuals with developmental disabilities. Direct Support offers either respite or recreational support on an hourly basis. Reimbursement Services offer families with a reimbursement of funds for current services. The goal of Family Support Services is to help families remain together for as long as they desire, avoiding unnecessary out-of-home placement.

Early Childhood Intervention

Mountain Lake Services is one of the few remaining agencies that offers services to children within the community. Early Childhood Intervention works with children ages 0-3, providing therapy and education to aid in developmental delays.

Preschool Services

Preschool Services are provided in conjunction with each school district for children ages 3-5. These supports can be provided in the home, day care or head start center; and, include Special Education itinerant teaching, speech, physical and occupational training and counseling.

Respite Services

Our Respite Services offer families who support loved ones with disabilities an opportunity to access quality alternatives for short-term or emergency housing and a comfortable and enjoyable setting for these family members.

Home and Community Based Waiver Services

Home and Community Based Waiver Services are provided through Residential Habilitation, Day Habilitation and Respite Support. These services provide individuals with the means to maintain their current living situations, as well as provide support in developing skills to promote independent living. These supports include home management, daily living skills, money management and accessing the community.

Medicaid Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordination assists individuals in gaining access to necessary services and supports, according to their own needs and desires. Individualized goals are put in place and Medicaid Service Coordinators ensure services are provided to meet each individual’s goals. Coordinators meet with individuals once a month or as needed.

Services Complaint Resolution

Please review our Complaint Resolution Brochure to learn how to resolve any complaints about our services.

Please read and fill out our Complaint Resolution Form to file a specific complaint about our services.