From the family of Mary Riley:

"I am taking this moment to send my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful work Mountain Lake Services provides for my developmentally disabled sister Mary Riley.

It is challenging to live so far away in California, but I am secure in knowing Mary is getting exceptional care for her medical problems and I appreciate that the communications I receive from you are timely, detailed, and very professional. I've appreciated the phone relationships I have developed with the service coordinators."

From the family of Davis Carr:

"Mountain Lake Services staff are very respectful and helpful. I don't know where we would be without them!"

From the family of James and Jessey Moses:

“I am grateful for the excellent supports and services my sons receive. I’ve seen big improvements in them and they love their service providers. They are so happy here!”

From the family of Max and Darby McLaughlin:

"I feel that the staff at Mountain Lake Services are very well trained. I also like the followup and how thorough Mountain Lake Services looks over each individual program. I like how staff build relationships with the individuals that we provide services to. I find that staff build relationships that are unique according to the individual that the relationship is with."

From the family of Judy Martin:

"I don't know what I would do without Judy's placement in such a good home. The care and staff are superb."

From the family of Joe Thomas-Train:

"As a parent of a developmentally disabled young adult, I would have to say that Mountain Lake Services has made it possible for my son to reach his full potential and set new goals that we never would have thought possible for him. He is now not just less anxious and less angry, he is happy!

The agency has always welcomed us as partners in his care, been very professional in their overall planning and their daily interactions with our son, as well as with their communication with each other and with us. Who could ask for anything more?"